The Ashkin Group not only wants to make a difference “greening” the cleaning industry,  but also to become a model by which other sectors can be motivated and guided. We are in the position to be as Mohandas Gandhi once instructed “…be the change (we) wish to see in the world.”

The cleaning industry is making great strides in improving the health and safety of building occupants, the people who provide these services and the environment.

We recognize our potential impacts on people and the environment and have taken significant steps to reduce and minimize these impacts. We want to help you improve your health and environmental impacts, whether you are a facility manager, school administrator, health care administrator, or a home owner.


Books by The Ashkin Group

Steve Ashkin has authored or coauthored several books including Green Selling Tips, Green Cleaning for Dummies, and The Business of Green Cleaning. And he has published hundreds of articles in publications for green cleaning, facility management, sustainability and many other types of publications for the cleaning industry.

Green Selling Tips – $25.00
Are you selling the entire Green Bundle? This book of concise Green Sales tips will help you find new clients, build business with current customers, make your customer list more “competitor proof”, and increase your sales volume and profits. Based on articles from DestinationGreen, Green Selling Tips gives you the information you need to jump start your Green Selling career. 139 pages. Copyright 2007 Green Cleaning University, LLC. Click here to purchase Green Selling Tips.

Green Cleaning for Dummies
 – $25.00
The ISSA special edition of Green Cleaning For Dummies shows you how to implement a green cleaning program for your commercial or institutional cleaning operation. Unlike other books on the subject, Green Cleaning For Dummies is a trustworthy source of unbiased information and is backed by the ISSA. The book was written by Steve Ashkin and David Holly, both who have with years of experience in the cleaning industry and who are committed to helping companies go green. Click here to purchase Green Cleaning for Dummies.

The Business of Green Cleaning – $59.99
A Green Cleaning program involves so much more than the cleaning itself. If an organization wishes to practice Green Cleaning, then numerous areas of the operation need to be addressed. This book details the areas and knowledge needed to be successful that the organization is a true practitioner of Green Cleaning. 239 pages. Standard Copyright License. Published 2009, IFMA Foundation. Click here to purchase The Business of Green Cleaning.



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