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Has your company developed products or services to help clients comply with the requirements of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)? Then you’ll want to know all about its updated rating system, LEED v4, which the U.S. Green Building Council is introducing in October 2016. In this Educational Quick Clip, Steve Ashkin previews some of the changes you can expect with LEED v4.

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From our July 2016 DestinationGreen Newsletter

leading advocate for sustainablityI’d like to give you an update on last week’s Green Sports Alliance Summit and ask your help for a speech I am preparing for the Healthy Schools Campaign’s upcoming Leadership event.

Healthy Schools Campaign will host a Leadership Institute starting July 28th in Ellicott City, Maryland (near Baltimore) to help us become more effective leaders within our schools, universities, companies and communities.  The program will feature hands-on leadership skills training, expert panel discussions that explore proven methods of leadership, and of course, the invaluable opportunity to network and collaborate with other leaders in the field.

During the event, I have the distinct honor of giving a lunchtime talk on what it takes to be a great leader. I feel that the language of sports is the best way to illustrate leadership concepts and elite performance; listed below are attributes that have helped me lead the Green Cleaning movement, and sports figures who exemplify those attributes.

1. Vision:  unique, big, bold and inspiring; able to tell the story even when no one wants to hear it (Mohammed Ali)
2. An expert game plan: know everything about your team, opponent, rules (refs), game situations, etc. (Bobby Knight)
3. Mental toughness, patience and self-control: avoid stupid penalties, fouls, turnovers, and foolish actions (Draymond Green punching LeBron James)
4. Passion for improvement: keep working on your game, even when everyone is watching (Peyton Manning)
5. Motivate individuals and the team: you can’t win by yourself (Pat Summit)
6. Determination and persistence: don’t quit; leaders can always be counted on (Frank Reich)
7. Get it done: forget excuses even when they are valid, leaders get it done (LeBron James)

Please share your thoughts for any additional attributes or athletes I should discuss by clicking here.

Changing gears, the Green Sports Alliance held its 6th Summit last week, bringing together sports leagues, teams, players and venues, and their key supply partners (including representatives of the cleaning industry) and environmental advisors.  I learned a lot, had fun, and made some great contacts.  My personal highlights include:

• Meeting the players in attendance.  Newly appointed to the Board of Directors, Andrew Ference, NHL Edmonton Oilers, will ensure that the Alliance truly becomes a voice for athletes.  I also met Kevin Johnson (NBA All-Star and current Mayor of Sacramento, CA, host city for next year’s Summit), Mary Harvey (3-time gold medal winner for the US Woman’s Soccer team), Mike Richter (NHL Hall of Fame and Stanley Cup winner with the NHL NY Rangers), Rick Berry (NBA Hall of Famer and NBA Champion with the Golden State Warriors), and Catherine Kummer (NASCAR).

• Tours of professional and collegiate sport venues. Venues like Minute Maid Park (MLB Houston Astros), Toyota Center (NBA Houston Rockets), NRG Stadium (NFL Houston Texans) and Rice University provided fascinating insights on the challenges of creating wonderful fan experiences while keeping fans and athletes healthy and safe.  Plus, we got to hold our celebration at BBVA/Compass Stadium (MLS Houston Dynamo) where we watched a terrific soccer game.
• Educational sessions, including programs on fan engagement, energy and water efficiency, improving waste management and recycling, and greener transportation.  At a session on Greening the Cleaning at Sport Facilities we discussed our workshop series and received commitments to hold additional programs hosted by the MLB Washington Nationals, MLB Colorado Rockies and MLB Arizona Diamondbacks.  Several additional pro and college venues also indicated their interest in serving as hosts.  Very, very exciting as this will help us bring effective, healthy and greener cleaning to large and small venues across North America and the world.

All in all, it was a wonderful event.  Sports truly can help us make the world a better place — and it can be a fun journey along the way.  Please let me know if you want any more info about the Green Sports Alliance, the workshop series on Greener Cleaning in Sport Facilities, and other opportunities to be involved.

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For Churches Only: Going Green Economically

By 2010, the Army Distaff Foundation/Knollwood, the first military retirement community in the country located in Washington, D.C., had decided to transfer from a traditional cleaning strategy – using cleaning products that are not Green certified or considered environmentally preferable – to one that is.

According to Cynthia Akins, director of Environmental Services at the facility, “Upon learning that the chemicals and procedures we use to clean indoor spaces can cause mild to severe allergic reactions and asthmatic responses, I knew we needed to adopt a program that would consider the environmental impact of cleaning on human health.”

Many church facilities are in the same position as this military retirement community.  Instead of just elderly people, religious facilities have people from all walks of life, young and old, and most administrators now know that some of the traditional cleaning products used for years in their churches can negatively impact the health of many congregants. This can occur even when the products are used properly, but becomes a much more serious concern when the products are not used as directed.

The retirement center even took their Green Cleaning journey a step further. They got involved with GreenSeal’s GS-42 Green Cleaning training program, which focuses on cleaning procedures that reduce cleaning’s impact on the environment and promote sustainability, as well as the proper uses of Green Cleaning chemicals, products, equipment, and tools.

According to Akins, this program “provided us with instruction on product selection, healthy cleaning techniques…[and] enabled us to educate our entire staff [on Green Cleaning] cost effectively.”

Based on this training, and with the help of an astute janitorial product distributor guiding them through the process, the retirement center made the following changes:

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