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Green Apple Day of Service Project Now Benefits Nearly 311,000 Students

In honor of Green Apple Day of Service, The Ashkin Group, ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association, and the Healthy Schools Campaign have launched a Custodial Training Program. The program is designed to instruct administrators and cleaning professionals on more effective and more environmentally preferable ways to clean educational facilities.  The key goals are to help […]


The Green Janitorial Closet Makeover

Green Cleaning starts in the janitorial closet and for this reason, many facilities must begin their Green Cleaning journey with a janitorial closet makeover. First, we remove all cleaning solutions, tools, products, and equipment from the closet. With them out in the open, our next steps are as follows: Remove and properly dispose of any […]

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Apply for the Green Cleaning Award for Schools & Universities!

August 28, 2013 – Schools and school districts from coast to coast are demonstrating innovation, expertise and a commitment to health through green cleaning. Every year, we highlight schools and universities whose green cleaning programs have gone above and beyond to protect the health of students and staff without harming the environment. We are looking for exemplary […]

Green Cleaning Award

6 Winning Strategies for Green Cleaning

Bloomington, IN – May 21, 2013 – The Green Cleaning Award for Schools and Universities was created through collaboration between American School & University magazine, the Green Cleaning Network, and Healthy Schools Campaign. Each year, the award recognizes the efforts of schools around the nation with outstanding green cleaning programs. Through national recognition, it honors schools and […]

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Green Cleaning: Six Winning Lessons

Bloomington, IN – March 27, 2013 – The following are the “lessons learned” from the winners of the 2012 Green Cleaning Awards for Schools and Universities. These tips may make an important impact on buildings, their occupants and the environment. And most are feasible, readily available and affordable. 1) Products. In 2012, every winner used an assortment of […]


Climate Change and the Cleaning Industry

This past Halloween, Mother Nature played a big trick on all of us. Hurricane Sandy pounded the East Coast killing 70+ people and causing billions of dollars worth of property damage. And this once in a hundred years storm was the second such storm in just the past year (Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast […]

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The Health and Finances of Green Cleaning

December 10, 2011 – By Steve Ashkin — Imagine two scenarios that take place commonly across America: The first is in a private-sector boardroom of a corporation looking for ways to improve its bottom-line. The second in the public-sector board meeting of a school district seeking to improve fiscal efficiencies as well as student results […]

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Green Cleaning to Sustainability

September 23, 2011 – When talking about sustainability, we are actually discussing at least two general concepts, interrelated but separate nonetheless. For instance, very often when I meet with facility managers and cleaning professionals to discuss the evolution of Green cleaning and sustainability, they think I will be going over such things as: Increasing recycling […]

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Time to Close the Green Gaps in Green Cleaning

July 26, 2011 – Steve Ashkin writes about how the changing of the seasons, no matter which continent you live on, is also a good time to evaluate your Green Cleaning programs and look for, what he calls, gaps. While North America is experiencing a long-deserved warm summer, Australia and other countries in the Southern […]

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Why Ingredient Disclosure is Important in Green Cleaning

July 22, 2011 – Many of us would assume that if a cleaning chemical has already been labeled green by a leading certification organization it must be pretty safe, assuming it is used correctly as instructed. This is true, at least in comparison to many conventional cleaning products used for the same or similar purposes. […]


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