Can the Environment and Sustainability Unite the World’s Religions?

On June 28, 2019, in Items of Interest, News, Slideshow-Homepage, by Ashkin Group

Article Previously Published in a Leading Cleaning Trade Publications Although there are differences among the world’s religions, we find similarities as well. In addition to having some of the same fundamental outlooks, structures, and practices, many are adopting Green, eco-friendly building and operating practices because the teachings of their religions mandate that they be kind […]

For Churches Only: Going Green Economically

On July 19, 2016, in Items of Interest, Slideshow-Homepage, by Ashkin Group

By 2010, the Army Distaff Foundation/Knollwood, the first military retirement community in the country located in Washington, D.C., had decided to transfer from a traditional cleaning strategy – using cleaning products that are not Green certified or considered environmentally preferable – to one that is. According to Cynthia Akins, director of Environmental Services at the […]

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