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Singing Kids into Regular Face Washing

One of the priorities of The Ashkin Group in 2017 is to promote more frequent face washing, especially for children in schools. According to Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group, the need to encourage children to wash their faces more frequently is more serious than we realize. “Kids literally touch their worlds with their […]

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Ashkin Sees Change and Opportunity with New Administration

In a recent issue of DestinationGreen, the monthly newsletter published by The Ashkin Group, Stephen Ashkin addressed the fact that there may be uncertainty about the direction of Green Cleaning and the sustainability movement due to the recent election. “While I do not take political stands, it is pretty clear that a number of things […]

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Video: Controlling the Spread of Germs

You can’t always control what germs come into your facility, but you can keep from spreading them around. For example, if your custodial staff is using the same cloth to clean both a bathroom and a desk, they could be cross-contaminating surfaces without even knowing it. In this Educational Quick Clip from ISSA-TV, green cleaning […]

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Change Equals Opportunity

From our January 2017 DestinationGreen Newsletter Let me begin by wishing you a happy New Year!  Frankly I think it is going to be a terrific year — and like you, I plan to make it so.  And together, let’s do something great as our organizations, families and future generations are counting on us. Whether […]

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Working With Your Distributor:…Utilize their expertise to enhance facility sustainability

The following was published online by CMM on Dec. 9, 2016 Working With Your Distributor Utilize their expertise to enhance facility sustainability Ten years ago, building service contractors (BSCs) and in-house cleaning professionals realized that more of their customers and building managers were serious about adopting a green cleaning program. However, while contractors and in-house […]

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LEED Version 4….Its Here

If you have been receiving my monthly newsletter, DestinationGreen, you know that the US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED* 2009 (version 3) will be replaced by LEED v4 on October 31, 2016.  This mean’s V4 is now in operation. This will result in all new LEED projects being registered under LEED v4. And it comes […]

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Face It…Why hand washing alone is not enough

If you could see me at work, you would see my face is resting against the palm of my left hand as I look at the computer screen; that may be the biggest mistake I have made today when it comes to preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. In addition to touching my face, […]

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