LEED Updates Impact This Winter’s

The Ashkin Group, the professional cleaning industry’s leading advocate for green and sustainable cleaning, is advising building owners and managers, jan/san distributors and facility service providers that as of January 2015, LEED has redefined the requirements for LEED-compliant de-icers. This update is especially important for those facilities that are now LEED-certified, are seeking LEED certification, […]

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First Cold Water Washing…Now Cleaning With Engineered-Water?

Mention cleaning clothes in cold water 20+ years ago, and most people would have thought you were slightly off your rocker. Mention cleaning facilities today using engineered-water, and most people would once again suspect you were missing a few marbles. However, washing clothes in cold water is now very common in both residential and commercial […]

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Why Do Schools Fail?

The following article was published in the August 2015 issue of Sanitation Canada Why Do Schools Fail? While it has not been as big a problem in Canada as it has been in the U.S. and other parts of the western world, what is termed “school failure” is spreading and leaving few stones unturned.  Defining […]

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Green Apple Day of Service Project Now Benefits Nearly 311,000 Students

In honor of the Green Apple Day of Service sponsored by the US Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools; The Ashkin Group; ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association; and the Healthy Schools Campaign have launched an effort to catalog Custodial Training Programs. The project is designed to draw attention to the importance of cleaning and […]


Webinar: Healthy Buildings, Happy People: Green Cleaning Tips, Strategies and Frameworks

Wednesday, August 26th 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT At the 5th Annual Green Sports Alliance Summit in Chicago, the Green Sports Alliance released the Greener Cleaning Playbook: A guide to help sports venue operators develop a greener cleaning program. A how-to guide including information on establishing a green cleaning policy, finding the best products and […]

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Interview with Stephen Ashkin

A publication recently interviewed me a few questions on how I became so involved in Green and sustainable cleaning. Below are highlights of that interview: Many people know Stephen Ashkin as the “father of Green Cleaning” in the professional cleaning industry. But what they don’t know is just how many years it took him to earn that […]

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The 2015 Green Sports Alliance Summit in Chicago is a wrap!

It is hard to believe that our fifth annual Summit has already come and gone. We welcomed over 700 attendees to Chicago for three days of informative and inspirational venue tours, symposiums, plenaries, breakout sessions and networking. Sport is a powerful engine for driving market and cultural change. Summit attendees’ commitment to the green sports […]

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Recap: Green Sports Alliance Summit

As you know, last week we released the Greener Cleaning in Sport Facilities Playbook at the Green Sports Alliance’s (GSA) annual Summit.  Both the launch and the Summit were big successes — and it was great seeing so many of you there.  My favorite parts (aside from launching the Playbook) were: Commissioner Gary Bettman’s speech […]


Green Sports Alliance Releases Greener Cleaning Playbook

New guidelines will help sports venues implement greener cleaning programs  To assist sports facilities in creating healthier, safer environments for their fans, athletes and staff, the Green Sports Alliance has released its “Greener Cleaning Playbook.” The Playbook provides cost-effective strategies for creating a successful greener cleaning program, and offers comprehensive guidance on how to select […]

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Addressing the Missing Component in American Schools: Cleaning

released about American public schools. The report, A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform, suggested that other countries around the world were outperforming US schools. Considered a landmark event, the report cited a number of examples to support this conclusion. For example, it revealed that the average SAT scores dropped “over 50 points” […]

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