greenbuild 2016

Greenbuild Rap-Up; Green Cleaning at Google; and the Upcoming ISSA Tradeshow!

Greenbuild 2016, which ended last week was a terrific show, in fact one of their best ever. There was a great deal of emphasis this year on sustainability and there were several more exhibitors at this year’s show than in the past. I was fortunate enough to moderate a panel discussion entitled Green Cleaning at […]

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from green to sustainable cleaning

Moving From Just Green to Sustainable Cleaning

Cleaning contractors should adopt green and sustainability initiatives, products, and procedures to help ensure they reach their own financial goals.   About a year ago, researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, began a study to understand rents and occupancy trends in commercial office buildings in the United States and Canada. Altogether, they […]

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greenbuild 2016

Green Cleaning at the Googleplex

ASHKIN ALERT   Please join me at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo to be held at the LA Convention Center this week, October 5, 2016 and continuing through the week. I will be moderating a panel discussion about Green Cleaning at the Googleplex, Google’s LEED Platinum headquarters located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We are […]

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culture of sustainablity

Creating a Culture of Sustainability with the Four E’s

“Drive change from the bottom up…this is one of the most successful ways to develop a culture of sustainability.” According to Stephen Ashkin, CEO of Sustainability Dashboard Tools, a web-based system that helps facilities measure and monitor their consumption and use of natural resources, According to Ashkin, a culture of sustainability exists “when all staff […]

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green cleaning and sustainability

Questions about Sustainability and Green Cleaning in Healthcare Facilities

The following are questions and answers from Stephen Ashkin for Healthcare Facility News 1. What green and sustainability trends do see happening in healthcare today? • Healthcare administrators are looking for more green and sustainability information that is both comprehensive and easy to interpret. • Administrators want more information regarding their distributors and all vendors as to their environmental performance such as […]

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green cleaning and sustainable green cleaning

Great article from Stephen Ashkin*

One of the things we hear frequently in the professional cleaning industry is that we do not appear to be attracting millennials. The most-often-heard explanation for this is that marketing high-technology tools and equipment like computers and smartphones is a lot more fun and exciting than selling mops and buckets. However, I beg to differ. […]

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ISSA Operational Efficiency Program

Sustainable Dashboard Tool Adds ENERGY STAR Integration

The Sustainability Dashboard, a tool that measures and monitors six key performance indicators (KPIs)-energy, water, waste, transportation, products such as cleaning products, and human resources The Sustainability Dashboard, a tool that measures and monitors six key performance indicators (KPIs)-energy, water, waste, transportation, products such as cleaning products, and human resources-to help users monitor and report […]

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steven ashkin free webinar

Reminder Notice: Attend My FREE Webinar on Leadership in the Language of Sports

Ever wonder why sports leaders become leaders for us all? Or how their leadership can now help make this a Greener, healthier, and more sustainable world?   If so, attend my FREE webinar, Leadership in the Language of Sports. The webinar will be presented on Tuesday, September 20, at 2pm Eastern Time. This webinar is […]

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children and energy conservation

And the Children Shall Lead…In Energy Conservation

Study Shows Children Pass on Energy Conversation Learning to their Parents Bloomington, IN – A recent study in the journal Nature Energy reported that when children are taught to turn off power strips at night and wash clothes in cold water, their parents starting following their lead and doing the same. The study, which involved […]

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handsoap 2

FDA Finally Bans Some Antibacterial Soaps

On September 2, 2016, the Food and Drug Administration banned several types of antibacterial soaps due to some of the ingredients found in them.  Below is an article published in 2009, where I am quoted expressing my concerns about these ingredients and advocating for this action to be taken. We hear about the importance of proper […]

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