Bloomington, cialis IN – August 23, sildenafil 2013 – The members of the USGBC finally approved the new version of their LEED Rating Systems after 3 years of effort, cialis 5 rounds of public comments and thousands upon thousands of comments.

Overall, I am very pleased with how the changes to the cleaning prerequisite and credits will affect the cleaning industry; along with its impacts on building occupants, cleaning personnel and the environment.

While it is not perfect, it does include some important improvements to keep LEED on the leading edge (forgive the pun). This is especially true when it applies to the cleaning industry in which we helped increase the required purchases of Green chemicals, paper and plastic liners from 30% to 75%, and doubled the required purchases of Green equipment.

We also added new compliance options such as including EPA’s Design for the Environment Program (DfE) and Ecoform’s Transpare program, which creates more flexibility for both manufacturers and purchasers; and created options for new innovative technologies such as devices that create cleaning solutions from water. One of the things I am most proud is that V4 expands the scope of responsibility for cleaning personnel to consider how they affect the building’s energy and water consumption – a real step forward and something that we will continue to encourage.

LEED Version Four

All together we believe the totality of these improvements will help reduce the cost of Green Cleaning products, reward manufacturers who continue to invest in new innovative products, encourage service providers to provide better training and support for their workers, and continue the cleaning industry’s contribution to sustainability. So let me thank all of the USGBC staff and volunteers for their hard work. It is greatly appreciated and will truly make an important difference.

For those of you coming to Las Vegas for the NFMT Vegas 2013 Conference on September 17th and 18th, I hope you’ll find time to attend my session on “Green Cleaning: Getting Vendors to Implement Changes to LEED-EBOM v4”. The session will be on Wednesday from 10:00 – 10:50am. And while the ISSA Convention isn’t until November, I will be doing an update on LEED-EBOM V4’s Impacts on the Cleaning Industry as well, plus another program to begin a discussion of the future of Green paper products.

And for any of you in the New York City area, I hope you’ll find time to come to the Green Sports Alliance’s annual Summit which begins this Monday, August 26 and runs through Wednesday, August 28. There will be some great sessions and tours of local professional stadiums. I am moderating a panel on Green Cleaning that will include Jim Jones, who is Assistant Administrator at EPA, and several professional stadium managers. I think sports create a huge opportunity for us to begin mainstreaming Green Cleaning and Green issues in general. And besides, hanging out with the professional sports teams will be fun!

By Stephen Ashkin, The Ashkin Group – Originally published in DestinationGreen, August 23, 2013.

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