The following is an excerpt from an article published in CleanLink Magazine mentioning the Ashkin Group’s role in helping Google become greener and more sustainability-focused.


To reduce its waste, Google is looking into placing an engineered water solution on the site of its facilities. He envisions workers will have access to a general cleaning solution that they can just “pump out like you’re at a soda machine.”

“I think the concept of on-site generation for chemicals is the next big step,” says Steve Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group, a consulting firm that helps organizations make their cleaning programs more green. “We’ve looked at a life cycle assessment. The life-cycle assessment on on-site generation are amazing in terms of the environmental reductions.”

As it pertains to zero waste, Google is also working with its janitorial teams and getting them to be a part of their mission. The company is also auditing its waste a little bit so it has a better idea of what amount of contaminants are in their waste streams — a step Ashkin thinks is important.

“(America) has tried for generations now, since the 1970s, to recycle and we still can’t figure out which bin a disposable coffee container goes in,” says Ashkin.

Companies have tried to model Google’s operations for years, and some will likely continue this trend by monitoring how the corporation handles green cleaning. For Google, green cleaning is all about improving the health of its employees. For other businesses, green cleaning might mean something else.

Ashkin, who has helped Google evaluate and implement its green cleaning strategies, suggests companies encourage their janitorial workers to think about the future and look into innovations they can implement that are nontraditional in the cleaning industry.

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