Famed motivational guru Tony Robbins says that virtually all the successful people he knows, start their days with gratitude. Giving thanks for their health, their families, what they have accomplished in life, and recognition in advance for all the good they know will be coming into their lives and for those they love and appreciate.


This Thanksgiving, I want us all to follow Tony’s advice, and take a few minutes to give thanks for our many fortunes. But, let’s make sure we add one more thing to give thanks for this Holiday, and that is our planet.


Our planet provides us with all that we need to survive and thrive. Clean air, clean water, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking landscapes. These were all given to us – free of charge – to appreciate and enjoy.


Let’s also give thanks this Holiday to the millions of people and thousands of organizations around the world, working tirelessly to protect our planet. They see our world as a “diamond.” It has been given to us to love and protect.


Some of us may need to be reminded what it was like before these people and these organizations went to work to protect this diamond. How many of us remember when the Cuyahoga River caught on fire due to pollution? Or when millions of alewife fish died in the Great Lakes, choking on the contaminated water. And then there was the “killer fog” that swept London in 1952, killing 12,000 people.  It is viewed as the worst air pollution event in European history and one of the very worst in the world.


So, with all the hubbub and celebrating this Thanksgiving, let’s pause for a second. Please give thanks for all that we have, the planet that has served us so well, and those –  including ourselves  – that are working so diligently to keep it clean and healthy.

Have a great Thanksgiving


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