This year’s list included ten “Sustainability All-Stars,” seven of which are headquartered here in the U.S.

Bloomington, IN –  Fortune Magazine has just released its 2019 list of “Change the World” companies.

Fifty-two companies are selected each year, which have proven they are taking significant steps to reduce their impact on the environment.  This year’s list included ten “Sustainability All-Stars,” seven of which are headquartered here in the U.S.

These seven are the following:

IBM. The company has been converting to Green power and now receives nearly 40 percent of its energy from renewable resources

Intel. Based in drought-prone California, the company recycles 80 percent of the water it uses, returning it to a “pre-use” state

Walmart. Honored because the company has managed to divert 78 percent of the waste it produces away from landfills and incineration; the company has also encouraged its network of suppliers to do the same

Apple. In 2017, Apple announced a goal of making all of its products from recycled and renewable materials. It has created a robotic recycling system called “Daisy,” which can disassemble 200 iPhones per hour, so the parts can be used in new electronic devices

Prudential Financial. The company owns $14 billion worth of buildings that all meet LEED certification standards as to emissions reductions and energy conservation

Accenture. This high-tech company has reduced its per-employee environmental footprint by 52 percent since 2007

Salesforce. This customer relationship company has developed an app that tracks “green” metrics, helping organizations measure and analyze their carbon emissions of a wide range of business activities, including employee business travel.

“Something the entire jansan industry should note, is what Walmart and most of these companies are also doing,” says Stephen Ashkin, who helped develop ISSA’s Distributor Efficiency Analytics & Learning (DEAL) program.  “They select their vendors based on their sustainability efforts. This way, all of their vendors and suppliers are on the same sustainability team.”

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