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Climate change skeptic. This is someone who has heard or read the research, but questions it in one or more ways

Climate change denier. Someone who denies that climate change is real or accepts the premise, but denies human activities cause it

Climate change contrarian. Often a prominent person in science, politics, or industry, a “contrarian” looks for evidence to refute commonly held beliefs about climate change.

Denial machine. A denial machine is typically run by an organization that sends out information opposed to the view that climate change is real or caused by human activities

Implicit denial. Someone that accepts the scientific consensus on climate change but fails to come to terms with its implications or take action to address the problem.

Explicit denial.  People who reject the idea of climate change or that it could be caused by human activities.

Scientific skeptics.  Those in the scientific community that are skeptical about the science surrounding climate change.

Scientific denialist. A scientist who rejects the science involving climate change and its causes.

Global warming “theory.” People that accept the fact that climate change is occurring but believe there are different theories as to why it is happening.

Global warming “conspiracy.”  The belief that specific organizations are conspiring to deny climate change

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