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Stephen AshkinIn this edition of DestinationGreen, I’m happy to present a brief summary of the Green Sports Alliance’s (GSA) annual members’ Summit and how you can get involved with an exciting new GSA event to be held at the ISSA Convention in November.

Also as a result of last month’s newsletter, I would like to thank those of you whose companies signed up for the DEAL Program designed to help the cleaning industry address climate change (and save money).  Furthermore, New York City deserves recognition for recently voting to require energy efficiency reporting for commercial buildings, proving once again that this is the future and those in the DEAL Program are headed in the right direction.

Now for the Green Sports Alliance Summit—it was awesome! I love hanging out with pro athletes, league officials, sport facility managers from both North American and around the globe, and industry sponsors.  Frankly I wish every event I went to was as fun and impactful as this one.

Sports really can help us make the world better, and athletes are prime examples of what it takes to be an elite performer—teamwork, planning, preparation, accountability and mental toughness. Let’s face it, it’s hard to win—whether in sports or in business—if everyone isn’t working together, effectively executing and continually improving.

At the Summit I moderated a session on sustainable purchasing where we discussed a number of issues, including Green Cleaning. My thanks to Nina Hwang from Green Seal, Gary Jones from the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, and Brad Molotsky from the law firm of Duane Morris. Their insights stimulated a lot of good discussion on how sports facilities can use their purchasing power to buy greener products and reward suppliers who are committed to sustainability.

Coming up, the Green Sports Alliance will be at the 2019 ISSA Convention in Las Vegas.  On Wednesday, November 20, I will moderate a 30-minute panel discussion on the tradeshow floor featuring an athlete and sport facility manager which should be informative and fun.  Then on Thursday, November 21, I will conduct a three-hour training and implementation workshop based on the Alliance’s Playbook on Greener Cleaning in Sports Facilities.

For the workshop on Thursday, we will be inviting pro and college facilities, along with public and private K-12 school districts focusing on those who clean their gyms and other sport facilities, Boys/Girls Clubs, YMCAs/YWCAs, municipal park and rec leagues, fitness centers, golf clubs, bowling alleys, pools, race tracks, and other facilities where people play.  As we know, cleaning of these facilities (or areas within a facility) is different than cleaning an office building or classroom – and believe the attendees will benefit from ‘cleaning like the pros’.

As part of the workshop, I will address purchasing Green Cleaning products, implementing a cost effective program, selecting service providers, addressing sustainability, and more.  Plus the attendees will have access to over 700 exhibitors, which is precisely why we are conducting the event during the ISSA Convention as they can take the lessons-learn directly to the tradeshow floor.

Also in the works is a tour of the new Raiders football stadium currently under construction and a behind-the-scenes tour of T-Mobile Arena or the Thomas & Mack Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). These too should be fun and a great chance to network with some of the sports industry’s leading facility managers.

All in all, we are looking forward to a terrific event. And if you are interested, we could use your help with organizing, promoting and sponsoring the events. Once again, contact me for more information – it should be a worthwhile event with lots of top-notch people. What’s more, it will be fun!

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P.S.  I need to share some sad news about the recent passing of Michele Curreri who passed away after a short, but fierce battle with pancreatic cancer.  Michele was a great friend to so many of us serving as the Team Leader for EPA’s Tools for Schools Program.  She was a tireless advocate for a brighter, better future for literally tens of thousands of students and staff across the country by fighting for clean, healthy, safe schools that protected their bodies, advanced their minds and respected their dignity.  Michele will not be forgotten and her work will live on.

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