Toxic Chemicals Lobby

On January 21, 2011, in Items of Interest, by Ashkin Group

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Safer Chemicals Healthy Families put together a funny, but effective video to galvanize support for Congressional action on the very serious issue of toxic chemicals.

We agree that some ingredients are toxic to human health and the environment. And these should definitely be replaced by safer and healthier ingredients, especially considering there are now many greener alternatives available. However, the Toxic Chemicals Lobby video uses these examples of legitimately toxic ingredients to suggest that the entire industry is corrupt and part of an evil conspiracy.

We believe this an overly simplistic generalization designed to demonize an entire industry and uses anger and outrage to motivate people to action.

While there clearly are some bad ingredients and even some bad companies, the vast majority of the cleaning industry does extraordinarily good things and plays an essential role in protecting human health and the environment. We oppose any form of inflammatory rhetoric about the cleaning industry, because we it does not help us solve the important problems that confront us.

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