For more than two decades, I have been discussing the value and the reasons for green cleaning in the professional cleaning industry. While the first few years of my journey – and it certainly has been a journey – were difficult, with few people attending my seminars or presentations, I am happy to report that today “green cleaning” has become mainstream in the professional cleaning industry.

This means that facility managers and cleaning contractors only select traditional, non-green cleaning products when an environmentally preferable one is not available or is cost prohibitive. And both of those situations are diminishing over time.

One of the most important milestones in the green cleaning movement took place in 2002. That’s when the US Green Building Council (USGBC) released its first LEED Rating System for Existing Buildings. As the USGBC explained it:

LEED for Existing Buildings is a set of performance standards for the sustainable upgrades and operation of existing buildings. It includes building operations and upgrades of buildings, building systems, and building processes in existing buildings.

One of LEED’s most important contributions was helping certification organizations – Green Seal, EcoLogo, the Carpet & Rug Institute, ISSA (the worldwide cleaning association), and others – develop standards, criteria, and guidelines. These helped manufacturers as well as service providers in the professional cleaning industry better determine what was required to manufacture a green-certified product.

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