The Ashkin Group, has begun posting a series of examples on the DestinationGreen website showing how organizations, businesses, and cities around the globe have celebrated or plan to celebrate Earth Day.

This year Earth Day is on Saturday, April 22nd.

“In searching for celebration examples, one of the interesting things we uncovered is that more and more organizations have expanded their Earth Day celebrations to Earth Month activities,” says Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group.

For instance, the city of Kirkland, Washington, has activities, seminars, and training programs happening throughout the month, such as the following:

  • “Styrofest,” in which people can drop off up to a carload of empty Styrofoam and plastic bags
  • A Green Cleaning workshop taught by a professional housekeeper
  • A course called “Bikeology,” taught by a local police officer, a “biking mother with four children,” and a transportation manager on how to bike safely and more frequently
  • A Smart Water Management class to teach people how to use water more efficiently
  • Even a class for children examining the beneficial role insects play in our ecosystem

“Even though Kirkland is a small city and very environmentally focused, this is an example of what any community or organization can do to honor Earth Day,” says Ashkin. “I’m hoping by showing examples like this, more organizations, especially organizations in the professional cleaning industry, will plan their own activities.”

Another example on the DestinationGreen website discusses how 40 employees of a California software company volunteered to plant more than 20 trees in a nearby forest preserve and install birdhouses throughout the area.

“I am encouraging people, to get creative,” adds Ashkin. “We are posting these examples [as a way] to help give everyone ideas to honor our planet on Earth Day and every day.”


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