Singing Kids into Regular Face Washing

On January 31, 2017, in News, Slideshow-Homepage, by Ashkin Group

One of the priorities of The Ashkin Group in 2017 is to promote more frequent face washing, especially for children in schools.

According to Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group, the need to encourage children to wash their faces more frequently is more serious than we realize.

“Kids literally touch their worlds with their hands. They don’t wash their hands frequently enough and then they touch their faces with soiled hands throughout the day.”

Estimates vary but it is believed children touch their faces as much as much as 16 times per hour.
“This gives germs and bacteria on their hands a free ride to their faces and from their faces it’s just a ‘hop, skip, and a jump’ into their mouths, eyes, ears, and nose,” adds Ashkin. “This is essentially a form of cross contamination.”

Ashkin says children must be taught to properly and frequently wash their faces throughout the day.  These are the key steps children should use to wash their faces:

• First, wash their hands and then rinse
• Apply warm water to the face; moderate temperature protects the skin
• Use a facial cleaners specifically designed for cleaning the face; in many cases, bar soap may be too harsh
• Gently scrub the face, especially around the eyes
• Rinse with warm water and pat dry
• Apply a moisturizer if necessary

“Teaching kids to remember to wash their faces is really the hard part,” says Ashkin. “What works best is to make up a rhyme or jingle. They even teach kids foreign languages now using rhymes and jingles.”

A rhyme he says can prove very effective goes like this:

Let’s wash our hands today,
And do it throughout the day
Let’s wash our hands today
So we stay clean and healthy throughout the day.

Let’s wash our face today,
And do it throughout the day
Let’s wash our face today
So we can clean and healthy throughout the day.


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