greenbuild 2016Greenbuild 2016, which ended last week was a terrific show, in fact one of their best ever. There was a great deal of emphasis this year on sustainability and there were several more exhibitors at this year’s show than in the past.
I was fortunate enough to moderate a panel discussion entitled Green Cleaning at the Googleplex, the corporate headquarters complex of Google, located in Mountain View, California.
Our panel discussed a number of Green and sustainability happenings at Google but most specifically, the fact that Google plans to create the healthiest workplaces possible to protect the health of its “Googlers” not only in their headquarters but around the world.
And I’m proud to say, one of the key ways they are doing this is through a Green Cleaning program. This is no small task. Google has over 50,000 employees; offices in more than 150 cities, spanning 60 countries; and operates 185 Google Cafes.
Plus, Google has a bus fleet that carries more than 8,000 riders every day, which adds up to over 90 million passenger miles spent on the shuttles in 2015. With Googlers spending so much time on buses, implementing a Green Cleaning program even for busses is considered part of the effort to protect their health and improve the ride (nobody wants a stinky bus).
And since everyone drives in California to go anywhere, that’s thousands of cars they managed to get off the freeway every day, along with a substantial reduction in the consumption of fuels and greenhouses gases.
It’s clear to me and those at the presentation that Google is taking Green Cleaning to the next level, and what they learn and how this evolves can be
shared in facilities large and small around the world.

Let’s Make a DEAL

Back at home, at the ISSA tradeshow in Chicago scheduled for October 25 – 28, ISSA will be launching a new program called DEAL, which stands for Distributor Efficiency Analytics & Learning.

I’m proud to have been working with ISSA on this project and eager to see it rolled-out at the tradeshow. DEAL is a comprehensive program designed to help warehouse distributors reduce operating costs.  It does this by helping them measure their use of energy, water, fuels, waste and other operating expenses; and uses proprietary analytics and training strategies to help them improve.
Plus, ISSA will be recognizing the pilot participants who are already helping us transform the entire industry as part of the opening keynote session!  Thank you ISSA!

Noteworthy Happenings at the ISSA Show

Of course there are a lot of great things planned for this year’s show and the seminars and presentations this year are, as usual,

Several events pertain to Green and sustainability topics. My own presentation is entitled, Sustainability: The (Surprising) Way to Make & Save Money.
Please join me…here are the details:
* Day: Tuesday October 25
* Time: 10:15 a.m. to 11 a.m.
* Where: Room S404a
I also want to encourage you to attend the following important events:
* Distributor Benchmarking session with Jonathan Adkins of ISSA, along with folks from EPA’s Energy Star and SmartWay Transport programs.  This program will be on Tuesday, October 25th from 3:15 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. in room S404d.
* The Healthy School Campaign will be having a Green Cleaning Forum on Tuesday, October 25 and Wednesday the 26th.  I will be giving the keynote address at the Tuesday lunch.
* The Green Sports Alliance – Greener Cleaning in Sport Facilities Workshop, Wednesday October 26 from 10 a.m. to noon.  The Green Sports Alliance is not only making sports venues Greener and more sustainable, but convincing sports fans around the world of the importance of Green and sustainability issues.  By the way, Justin Zeulner, Executive Director of the Alliance will be at my booth (#1172).  Please come by and meet him and learn more about this exciting organization.
* The EPA Safer Choice Awards program, Friday October 28 at noon.
* A tour of Chicago’s Soldier Field (where the NFL Bears play), which is a member of the Green Sports Alliance, will be held on Friday, October 28 from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.
And, finally, everyone is invited to come by my booth at the show.  This year my booth is 1172. Please stop by and meet me and my team.
Hope to see you next week.

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