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Somewhat surprisingly, I am still meeting building managers that are unsure how to start a Green Cleaning program.  For them and for all of us, I have outlined the key steps below: con un conto fare trading con opzioni binarie Implementing a Green Cleaning Process: The 10 Steps

opzioni binarie piattaforme legali The goal of a Green Cleaning program is to reduce the total impact of cleaning on both health and the environment. Putting such a program into action requires a comprehensive—though easily implemented—process. The key steps are the following:

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  1. Reach an Agreement börsen handel binäre optionen The customer, building occupants, and management must all agree on how they define a Green Cleaning program and how it will be employed in their facility. Once decided, the agreement is written in the form of a concise, easy-to-understand contract.

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  1. Build the Team

köp viagra billigt Once an agreement has been reached, all parties must build a team that includes cleaning professionals, building management, and building occupants. Through discussions and meeting with all affected by the Green Cleaning program, the team helps generate support for the project and plays a pivotal role in its success.

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  1. Conduct Baseline Surveys

Buy cheap Tastylia online without a prescription One of the team’s first duties is to determine the current housekeeping status of the facility by conducting surveys that set a baseline from which to judge improvement. For instance, the surveys would include an inventory and evaluation of existing paper products, liners, and cleaning equipment used in the location. It may also include appraisals of the following:

  • Overall housekeeping quality
  • Cleaning procedures including training and supervision
  • Recycling
  • Existing indoor air quality problems and complaint record

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binäre option lernen Stephen Ashkin is the “father of GrePR-AshkinGroup-StephenAshkin_360x235en Cleaning” and the professional cleaning and building industries leading consultant making facilities Greener, more sustainable, healthier, and reducing operating costs.

Let’s Make Your Facility Green and Sustainable Now

4. Develop a Plan

Once all of the data have been collected, the team must analyze the information to determine the best procedures and opportunities for improvement. They decide which areas need to be addressed based on contract requirements, cost, and potential health and environmental impacts.


  1. Get Everyone on Board

It is vitally important that everyone is involved in and supports the team’s plans and goals. Having all parties included in the process and aware of how and why things are being done helps keep everyone on the “same page” and support for the process ongoing.


  1. Acquire Green Products and Equipment

To begin the process of greening a building, new cleaning products and equipment may need to be purchased. This includes bio-based cleaning products that are environmentally preferable. It also may include vacuum cleaners with enhanced filtration systems that can capture and trap as much as 99 percent of the harmful particles in the air; floor machines that have dust-control systems to capture impurities so that that they do not pollute the indoor environment; or MicroFiber cleaning cloths, which have been shown to significantly reduce bacteria buildup.


  1. fare previsioni trading Incorporate Green Procedures

The purpose of the new cleaning procedures is to help cleaning professionals use products carefully, safely, and with the goals of Green Cleaning in mind.


  1. wie verkauft man bei bdswiss Implement Training in Green Cleaning

Lack of adequate training has traditionally been a problem in the cleaning industry. The adoption of Green Cleaning is an opportunity for all maintenance personnel to learn the most up-to-date cleaning procedures. This can streamline housekeeping operations and improve the health of the facility being maintained.


  1. opzioni binarie cassa di risparmio pordenone Take Responsibility through Stewardship

Once a Green Cleaning program has begun, it is important that an initiative be implemented that encourages the concept of stewardship, where cleaning personnel, occupants, and visitors share in the responsibility for maintaining a healthy and productive indoor environment.


  1. bdswiss com erfahrung Communicate and Provide Feedback

Communication and feedback are vital among chemical supplier, custodial staff and building engineers, occupants, and management. As with any new process or procedure involving many people, the ultimate goal is continued improvement. Information provided by all parties helps facilitate this. sito piu usato x fare trade Making Your Facility Green and Sustainable

Stephen Ashkin is the “father of GrePR-AshkinGroup-StephenAshkin_360x235en Cleaning” and the professional cleaning and building industries leading consultant making facilities Greener, more sustainable, healthier, and reducing operating costs.

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