The Ashkin Group has become an internationally recognized consulting firm working to green the Green_Cleaning_101professional cleaning industry and help organizations implement effective, sustainability programs.

Our expertise is utilized by government, legislators and policy makers, building owners and property management companies, labor unions, trade and professional associations, manufacturers, cleaning service providers, and janitorial product distributors to develop more sustainable cleaning practices around the world.

We are dedicated to creating healthier, more productive indoor environments with lower burdens on natural systems, while creating sustainable value for its clients.

Our commitment to Green Cleaning and sustainability is more than business, it is a passion, a calling, a mission in life – to transform the cleaning industry.

Stephen Ashkin

Stephen P Ashkin

Steve is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and a leader of the Green Cleaning Movement where he is often thought of as the “Father of Green Cleaning.”

Currently he serves as President of The Ashkin Group, Executive Director of the Green Cleaning Network, co-founder of Green Cleaning University and CEO of Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC – all of which play important roles in his efforts to move the global cleaning industry from green to sustainable.

Steve has been working in the cleaning industry since 1981 where he has held key technical and management positions for leading commercial and consumer products companies, and has worked on the issue of “green” cleaning since 1990. He has extensive experience working throughout the entire supply chain from leading product manufactures to product distributors to service providers to building owners and facility managers. In addition, Steve also works extensively with market influencers such as environmental and health advocates, labor unions, media, governments, policy-makers, standard setters and others which have given him deep insights into how the marketplace can be used to drive health and environmental improvements.

Among Steve’s many awards include recognition from the National Performance Review for his help launching the President’s Green Chemistry Challenge Awards Program, an Excellence Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency for his work to protect children from environmental threats, and the Green Building Advocate of the Year from the Leonardo Academy for bringing Green Cleaning to LEED-EB.

Brian Johnson
Director of Sustainability Practice


Brian Johnson is a 30-year veteran of the Green and sustainability movements. He began his career leading the City of Santa Monica’s Green procurement and Green Cleaning efforts; was a lecturing professor at Loyola Marymount University in Westchester, Calif., teaching Environmental Science courses for undergraduates; and recently was Deputy Director at the California Environmental Protection Agency.

During his accomplished career, Johnson has worked with custodial workers, business executives, and elected officials regarding a host of Green and sustainability projects.


Katrina Saucier
Program Manager for Sustainablity Dashboard Tools, LLC

Joining the Sustainability Dashboard team in 2011, Katrina Saucier manages the product and service development team. Saucier has a diverse professional background including being an account manager for the specialty chemical manufacturer and agro-forestry Peace Corps volunteer in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has worked as an optimization engineer in manufacturing and a fellow at a planning department for county municipality.

She is a graduate of Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs with a master’s degree in environmental sciences and also earned her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from the University of Maine.


Robert KravitzRobert Kravitz

Director of Communications

Robert has owned three contract cleaning companies in Northern California over a 30-year period. In 1998 he authored two books on the professional cleaning industry. Because few publishers are interested in publishing books on the cleaning industry, he self-published the books and marketed them using various cleaning-related message boards, which were just gainin popularity at the time.

Eventually the books, and the marketing, led to a job in New York City for a cleaning-focused Internet portal, providing Web sites, content, and information for janitorial distributors. He also became a company spokesperson for the firm, which allowed him to give presentations on the industry to all kinds of groups and organizations.

In 2000, ISSA (formerly known as the International Sanitary and Supply Association) hired him to be Web content manager. A 6-month employee agreement turned into 18 months. By 2002, he started his own communications firm, AlturaSolutions Communications, which works specifically with manufacturers, organizations, and companies in the professional cleaning industry.



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